Las Vegas Vacation Home Rentals

Most people go on vacations for a change of pace and scenery to relax from daily lives’ hustle and bustle. Going for the hotel is the common route but for some people, they may find it too busy and lack of privacy. Then maybe vacation home rental is the way for you! It is based on similar concept as luxury car rentals where you make your choice based on your need and rent it for a certain time period. There are many different options to satisfy your unique needs. Let Dream Car luxury car rental guide you through various considerations and options.


What are the advantages of a vacation rental home compared to staying at a hotel? Most vacation rental homes offer considerably more space that you will find in a typical hotel room and often at a lower cost. It is easier for families to travel together while still have ‘room’ to breathe.

Vacation rental homes also provide greater flexibility as most would include kitchen facilities. This allows you to save for meal expenses or for those times you crave for some home-cooked meals.

Homeowners and rental agents are often able to provide tips and hints only locals know. The vacation rental homes are often frequently used by owners and would not have the ‘sterile’ environment found in hotels.

Location, Location, Location

The location of your Vacation Rental Homes is very important and there are several factors to consider. Distance from the sights and sounds is most definitely an important consideration. Would you prefer to be close to ‘the strip’ where the famous casinos are located and lively night life happens every night or would you prefer to get close to nature and stay near the Grand Canyon? Having a luxury car rental can definitely minimize this factor if not add onto your vacation experience. The type of facilities could be another influencing factor such as the proximity of golf courses and theme parks.

Atmosphere & Amenities

The type of housing would be another factor. The different types of housing such as villas and condominiums offer different amenities. Villas and rental homes would offer more privacy and typical property attractions would be Jacuzzi, swimming pools and entertainment centre. Condominiums can offer bigger facilities such as gym and tennis courts.


Timeshare rentals allow travelers to stay at some of the most popular and finest resort properties and luxury condos without having to buy the property or pay expensive resort rental prices. Instead of purchasing a vacation home that you cannot use for most of the year, timeshare allows families to purchase a fractional share in a vacation property. Some timeshares are sold as fractional ownership in a trust that owns one or several resorts. Timeshare may be a feasible option for those that likes to travel to certain destinations regularly.


Staying at rental homes for your vacation would require a bit more planning than staying at hotel. It is highly recommended to do some research before hand can save you some money. Depending on your needs, there will a wide variety of offerings of vacation rental homes available. It is also suggested to look for reviews of the vacation rental homes if available to get a ‘real’ look before committing yourself to ensure a wonderful vacation.

When you are researching for your vacation rental home, be sure to look into booking your luxury car rental. It will be sure to make your vacation more memorable. Dream Car luxury car rental has a great selection of luxurious vehicles that will be satisfy your needs so reserve yours now!