Walker African American Museum

The Walker African American Museum is located in Las Vegas. They invite you to come with your luxury car rental to visit their collection of historical documents, art, and exhibits. It was established as a non-profit organization to preserve and promote the history of people of African descent, both in the United States and in other countries. They are currently looking to find a permanent home for the museum, but they have a temporary location that offers exhibits of books, magazines, dolls, stamps, postcards, trade cards, figurines, statues, sports and political items, newspapers and clippings, signs, church histories, biographies, prints, posters, paintings, and much more.

The museum can be found at 705 West Van Buren in Las Vegas with your luxury car rental.

Other Museums In Las Vegas

The Elvis-A-Rama Museum is one of the top 3 attractions in a city that never sleeps. It features more than 2000 items from the King of Rock. Among some of the items here, which you can see when you visit with your luxury car rental, are Elvis’ 1960 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II, a 1969 Mercedes Benz limousine, the original Blue Suede Shoes, and the famous Peacock and Phoenix jumpsuits. This was one of the first audio-visual Elvis experiences, before Graceland opened to the public.

Lied Discovery Children’s Museum is an interactive children’s museum for kids of all ages. Found on Las Vegas Boulevard North, it is easy to get here with your luxury car rental. There are hands-on exhibits in the arts, sciences and humanities. There is also a Traveling Exhibition Gallery, and Early Childhood Pavilion, and an eight-story Science Tower. This is a great place to visit if you have kids in Las Vegas with you and your luxury car rental.

Casino Legends Hall of Fame is a tour of the history of Las Vegas in one place. The museum is focused on the implosions, chips, artifacts, movies, and people who made Vegas what it is today from a desert village.

This outing is a real treat for visitors to Las Vegas with your luxury car rental. Try some delicious treats, then walk off the calories by exploring the 350 species of cacti.

The Southern Nevada Zoological and Botanical Park offers desert eco-tours conducted by the Nevada Zoological Foundation (Las Vegas Zoo). These are full or half days tours of the area. If you don’t want to spend the whole day on an eco-tour, there is still the zoo to explore for a variety of wildlife. Some of the most popular exhibits include a variety of endangered cats, the last of the Barbary Apes in the United States, chimpanzees, eagles, ostriches, emus, talking parrots, wallabies, flamingos, exotic reptiles, and every species of venomous reptile native to Southern Nevada.

Las Vegas is not only a town for gambling. There are many museums here that may interest you, including the Walker African American Museum.