World’s Largest Permanent Circus

Enter the world of fun and adventure during your Las Vegas rental car vacation. Many know Vegas as being the adult entertainment capital, but it also hosts one of the best family destinations around which can be found at CircusCircus – home of the World’s largest Permanent Circus. This destination appeals to the child in all of us. A wonderful, unforgettable experience awaits you and your family. With limited seating you will want to arrive about 15 minutes before Showtime. Performances occur every 30 minutes from 11am to 12 midnight.

The dazzling trapeze artists in their glittering costumes swing high above the ring, twisting and turning, stretching to catch a flying partner or flinging across the ring to latch onto another swing. Children and adults gaze in wonder at the jugglers who toss an array of items into the air and performing various tricks still catch them. Do you think you have the skill, coordination and daring to toss flaming torches into the air and catch?

Watch the acrobats tumbling across the floor and balancing on the beams. The handholds have to be exact and strong. The funny antics of the clowns will have you laughing until your sides ache. Can you fit that many people into your Las Vegas rental car?

Once the show is over wander around the midway to see what other attractions you can try. For the fisherman there is the ever-popular fishing game with its cute prizes. Aiming at balloons with darts or squirting water at the monkeys climbing the poles to win prizes you may find appealing. When your energy wanes step into the rotating Horse-A-Round bar that was featured in the movie “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”. You can sit and enjoy a cool, refreshing drink while having a tasty snack. When you are refreshed try your hand at the rest of the over 200 games that test your skills or are just a lot of fun. The midway sights and sounds, the rides and the aroma of midway treats, cotton candy, hotdogs, mouthwatering French fries with salt and vinegar, recall your childhood visits to the circus and turn your experience into a holiday to remember.


CircusCircus is a family oriented facility appealing to the fun and adventurous. Whether you leave your Las Vegas rental car with the valet service or park your RV in the RV Park you are sure to enjoy your stay. The hotel contains over 3,700 rooms in a setting of five towers near the tropical pool and easy access to parking. All rooms feature circus themes and decorations as well as convenient in room refrigerators and a dining area. With many gaming machines and tables and dining facilities you have come to the right place.

Shopping Bargains Abound

Take a break from the excitement of the circus and drive in your Las Vegas rental car to one of the many malls and stores. Fashion Show houses over 200 international shops and department stores. You can go looking for the perfect outfit with all the accessories for you. The challenge to find unusual and pleasing gifts for those at home is easy with so many places to shop. Small items like a Hermes scarf travel easily in your Las Vegas rental car. Las Vegas Premium Outlets challenge you with designers like Armani, Dolce and Gabbana. You will surely find something. Fashion Outlet of Las Vegas beckon. Seek out the unusual and exotic. The shops stock merchandise from all over the world. Wisely the various malls and outlets have food courts for the weary shopper. You can enjoy a light lunch or snack and a refreshing drink while contemplating your next step. All your marvelous bargains and treasures will fit into your Las Vegas rental car when you head back to your hotel. Now you deserve a refreshing drink in your favorite spa or beside your favorite pool.