Do you have nerves of steel and a desire to be thrilled? If so, then hop in your Las Vegas rental car and head to the Stratosphere Casino Hotel and Tower. To reach the Tower you ride an elevator that ascends at approximately 1800 feet per minute. That means that you are on the observation deck in less than a minute. If the elevator ride was enough of a thrill, relax in the revolving lounge with some tasty snacks and courage bolstering drink or have a meal in the revolving dining room. You’ll get to see a 360 view of Las Vegas and the surrounding desert and mountains.

Looking some 900 feet down at your Las Vegas rental car you appreciate the keen eyesight of an eagle when it hunts a fish in a mountain lake or a mouse on the forest floor.

X -Scream looks like a giant see-saw that you see on the playground in the park. Eight of you enter the car and the ride attendants ensure your safety. There are four separate locking systems and restraining bars to hold you firmly in place. The arm of X Scream is 27 feet long. Soon you will be 27 feet over the edge of the Tower and tilted at a 30 degree angle. Before you get to this point your car is dragged up into the air then plummets down to a speed of 30 miles per hour. Suddenly the car stops. Now you are 27 feet out from a structure and 900 feet in the air. How is that for a thrill? Before you descend to the mall level of the Stratosphere in that speed demon elevator you may want a relaxing drink.

Stratosphere Casino Hotel & Tower

The facility is easily found. When you drive your Las Vegas rental car just look for the tallest edifice in Las Vegas. As your plane was landing you probably caught sight of it. The Tower is one of the eight tallest structures in the world and offers panoramic views of the city and its surrounding countryside. You have an awesome view of the Nevada.
The hotel’s amenities are first class with over 2400 luxuriously appointed rooms and suites. Your accommodations await your arrival as soon as you turn your Las Vegas rental car over to the valet service. A 10,000 square foot shopping mall entices you to window shop and pick up some goodies. To get to the Tower you walk through the enormous casino with its rows of slot machines and video machines. The casino offers the best odds for winning at the games of chance. Also on the property is a superb spa for relaxation and total body pampering.

Explore Vegas

Las Vegas offers so much for the vacationer to do. In your Las Vegas rental car you can visit the Elvis-A-Rama Museum. Here are the army fatigues of a younger, fitter Elvis. On display you see his glittery Las Vegas jumpsuits and silk towels. Do you recognize his costumes from Blue Hawaii and Jail House Rock? His shiny limo is there along with his purple Lincoln. You may even take in one of the hourly floorshows.

If you want one more thrill before leaving Las Vegas be sure to visit the Richard Petty Driving Experience at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. What an experience to be speeding at 160 mph in a Winston Cup stock car. Please remember that your Las Vegas rental car is not meant for this kind of endurance.